Rehabilitation, Sports Injury and Senior Living with in-pool treadmills.

HYDRO PHYSIO FUSION in-pool treadmills have traditionally been installed into sporting and research facilities. Earlier this year an integrated FUSION treadmill was built into a new pool, with high level resistance jets, at a sports and rehabilitation facility in Roses, Girona, Spain, for aquatic therapy and training.


Integrating a treadmill into a pool provides an extra dimension, allowing the physiotherapist to create aquatic programmes specific to the needs of each patient.


Aquatic walking or jogging uses the same muscle groups as those required for movement in our everyday lives. The resistive yet supportive pool treadmill allows rehabilitation at the earliest possible stage and can promote a faster recovery. Elderly people or patients with lifelong conditions can use HYDRO PHYSIO treadmills for a cardiovascular workout whilst managing their pain levels.


Underwater treadmills have also proven to be ideal for neurological rehabilitation and for those with degenerative bone disease