HYDRO PHYSIO in pool installation at Teesside University...

HYDRO PHYSIO are delighted to announce the installation of in-pool treadmills within a British University. Teesside University is dynamic, energetic and innovative. We’re growing and inspiring others to do the same - much the same ethos as HYDRO PHYSIO.


Working closely with the pool OEM team, HYDRO PHYSIO can design and install in-pool treadmills to facilitate the benefits of upright movement in water within new or existing pools.


At Teesside the treadmill will be used for sports science and analysis of its users. The remote feature of HYDRO PHYSIO Fusion in-pool treadmill allows Teesside’s academics to precisely control speed and direction whilst monitoring the patient from optimum vantage points.


Pictured is one of the integrated treadmills being used by Sharon Gaiter who is an ultra distance runner and commonwealth champion. She uses the treadmill for low impact training, as she has lower limb injuries.