HYDRO PHYSIO at Medica 2016

HYDRO PHYSIO is extremely pleased to announce that we will be returning to exhibit at Medica in 2016. We have been exhibiting at the show for a number of years now and it has become one of the biggest events in our annual calendar. Held at the Messe in Dűsseldorf between the 14th and 17th of November, HYDRO PHYSIO will be on stand 5H37.

Medica provides a significant opportunity to engage directly with hundreds of professionals throughout the medical community. This allows us to demonstrate the latest innovations in aquatic therapy, our underwater treadmills.

With over 600 human and canine treadmill systems installed worldwide HYDRO PHYSIO has become a leading name in aquatic hydrotherapy. At the show this year we will be displaying our brand new PRO-Trainer treadmill and a canine HYDRO PHYSIO hydrotherapy treadmill with new automatic incline.

The PRO-Trainer is a new addition to our range of human treadmills. It is designed to be longer and taller than our existing FOCUS treadmill, at the request of medical clinicians and sport scientists. With the PRO-Trainer larger patients and athletes can gain maximum buoyancy and experience the full benefits of aquatic therapy with an assistive treadmill. The PRO-Trainer can still be used by therapists for any patient. With maximum water depth of 1350mm and optional fold down seat, making it ideal for patients to work on upper body therapy. Non-standard extra buoyancy can also be achieved for very vulnerable patients taking their first steps of rehabilitation. To find out more about the PRO-Trainer you can view the brochure now.

Veterinary therapists will also be able to visit us on stand 5H37 to find out more about our HYDRO PHYSIO hydrotherapy canine treadmills. Our canine treadmills are featured at the show and are ideal for use in specialist veterinary practices. The treadmill works in the same way for dogs as it does for humans. It provides buoyancy to reduce the load on painful joints, whilst an ambient water temperature relaxes muscles and aids comfort. In addition the action of walking under water increases surface tension on specific muscle groups allowing patients to improve balance and strength. Finally hydrostatic pressure created by the water increases metabolic rate, calorific burn, improves circulation and reduces peripheral oedema. This combination means overweight dogs can also benefit greatly from using the underwater treadmills for exercise and weight loss.

The new automatic incline feature has been added to allow the operator to increase the patients work rate and increase flexion in joints without the need for emptying the tank or manual intervention during exercise. You can find out more about our canine treadmills here.

Our expert team are looking forward to meeting you on stand 5H37 if you're attending the show in Dűsseldorf. To find out more information in the run up to the show you can visit our Human treadmills website here and our canine treadmills website here.