H2O Physio Wellness Centre, Opens for aquatic therapy treatments in the UK...

HYDRO PHYSIO for all, at H2O Physio. The UK’s first physiotherapy service using aqua therapy with a wellness pool and underwater treadmill, shows amazing early results for a variety of patients.


HYDRO PHYSIO is used throughout the world by hospitals and wellness centres. For the first time in the UK, chartered physiotherapist Davinder Chatha is treating private patients within a purpose built wellness centre at Halfpenny Green near Dudley.


Post operative recovery, particularly for knee, ankle and hip surgery
Weight management
Rheumatoid and osteo-arthritis
Sports injuries and conditioning
Neurological, particularly MS and stroke patients
Prenatal and postnatal exercise


Other H2O Physio centres will be opening within the coming year. They are committed to therapy excellence using the latest aquatic techniques.