Why HYDRO PHYSIO hydrotherapy treadmills?

Surface Tension

Adds resistance to specific muscle groups Improves balance of unsteady patients Allows patients greater reaction time Increases confidence


Reduces the load on painful joints Improves core stability Improves flexibility

why water diagram

Hydrostatic Pressure

Increases metabolic rate and calorific burn, reduces heart rate and arterial pressure, reduces peripheral oedema, assists patient circulation

Water Temperature

Relaxes muscles and aids comfort, increases circulation, relieves pain

Hydrotherapy assists:

Rehabilitation - Circulation - Balance and Stability - Gait and Posture - Psychological Wellbeing - Pain management

The Professionals Choice - Practice Benefits:

The Canine underwater treadmill allows the therapist greater control over the therapeutic exercise. Making it easier to encourage patients to enter and exit the equipment. HYDRO PHYSIO allows the therapist to selectively exercise a limb.

A HYDRO PHYSIO treadmill unit can be a valuable addition to your practice. They are proven to create additional revenue stream by adding complimentary treatments and referrals to your practice offering.

spaniel being assisted in hydrotherapy treadmill