Products to suit the patient... and practitioners...

HYDRO PHYSIO hydrotherapy treadmills can be specified to the requirements of your practice and patients.
Our standard treadmill is adequate for most surgery needs, however some situations require an extended length treadmill.We also have a table top miniature treadmill for small breeds.

Please click on the below treadmill to learn more about each version of our product.

We offer 2 control systems for your hydrotherapy treadmill.
Simple push buttons or our advanced programmable
touchscreen with remote control.

HYDRO PHYSIO treadmills come with our robust easy to use push button LCD screen as standard.
This controller takes the user through all the treadmill settings:

Water Height - Timer For Session - Treadmill
Speed Resistance Jets

The touchscreen upgrade allows the therapist to design and store programs for each patient. It can also be specified with a remote control.
This can help therapist with controlling the patient while viewing them from a distance.

push button control panel option

Simple push button control with LCD screen

touchscreen control panel option

Intuitive touchscreen with programmable settings and waterproof remote control

(Please note our controls are now housed in a grey powder coated box.)