FOCUS Hydrotherapy Treadmill...

FOCUS is the benchmark for hydrotherapy treadmills. Designed to provide convenient upright hydrotherapy treatment, this functional design has all the features required for effective therapy, rehabilitation and fitness using an aquatic treadmill.

With optional extras, such as resistance jets and automatic water management, FOCUS is utilised throughout the world as a cost effective option. Patients of all ages and ability benefit from this easy to operate benchmark product.

FOCUS, like all HYDRO PHYSIO products, meets the needs of a clinical environment and is an ISO 13485 Medical Device.

FOCUS JUNIOR Trainer Treadmill...

HYDRO PHYSIO has developed a hydrotherapy trainer for children. A compact, economical design, developed for children’s hospitals and paediatric clinics. Available with or without wheelchair friendly decking.

The FOCUS JUNIOR Trainer is ideal for a wide range of needs and conditions. It is particularly good for post operative recovery, of knees, ankles and hips. Children with Neurological disorders, balance or coordination problems can use aquatic treadmills to help build confidence.

Children are facing an obesity crisis. The trainer can be used for weight management and fitness programmes.

PRO-Trainer Treadmill...

PRO-Trainer is a deep water hydrotherapy treadmill, which is designed to be longer and taller than the FOCUS Trainer. The unit was developed at the request of sporting therapists who want the benefits of HYDRO PHYSIO treadmills for very large athletes. Although this sounds very user specific, PRO-Trainer can be used by therapists for patients who require additional water height for upper body aquatic therapy, or non-standard extra buoyancy.

With a maximum water depth of 1420mm and optional features such as a fold down seat; PRO-Trainer is a product to suit every type of patient or athlete.

LIFESTYLE Hydrotherapy Treadmill...

Our original and most specified, LIFESTYLE is the ultimate aqua therapy tool.

Unlike a pool HYDRO PHYSIO LIFESTYLE has an integrated treadmill and easy access for users of all ages and levels of mobility. Simply walk in, close the rear glass door, then select the desired water height and treadmill speed for a personalised hydrotherapy programme.

The allure of underwater lighting and panoramic visibility enhances the experience and aids analysis.

LIFESTYLE treadmills are being used throughout the world for patient achievement, sporting excellence, weightloss, wellness and rehabilitation. LIFESTYLE treadmills are recognised as an ISO 13485 Medical Device.

FUSION Integrated In-Pool Treadmill...

The FUSION range of in-pool integrated treadmills incorporate the advantages of hydrotherapy treadmills into new pre planned swimming pools. This enables a wide variety of users to rehabilitate, improving fitness, confidence and wellbeing. Easy to install in water depths of 1m (39") - 1.3m (52") these trainers are valuable additions to pool training environments. HYDRO PHYSIO in-pool integrated treadmills are beneficial where space is at a premium. The easy to install and operate treadmills enable a wide variety of users to walk and jog in water. The option of multiple installations within one pool facilitates group sessions and training, offering a wider choice of rehabilitation options within a new pool facility. Height adjustable pool floor options to regulate users required buoyancy. Please also talk to us about this option.

MOVABLE SWIMMING POOL FLOOR Endless Possibilities...

A movable swimming pool floor is a multifunctional solution that creates virtually endless possibilities for all types of patients in a therapeutic pool. It can even be installed in an existing therapy pool. With a movable swimming pool floor, the depth of the pool can be adjusted to exactly meet the needs of the patient. Therefore, the pool can suit all types of patients and facilitate many different training techniques. This solution offers facilities the ability to have multiple treadmill installations.

FUSION Freestanding In-Pool Treadmill...

The FUSION assistive freestanding treadmills incorporate the advantages of hydrotherapy treadmills into new or existing swimming pools. The addition of a freestanding treadmill dramatically expands the functions of a pool, with the addition of upright hydrotherapy. Great for basic rehabilitation, or for improving fitness, confidence and wellbeing. HYDRO PHYSIO Freestanding treadmills are a new and user friendly asset to any pool. The assistive treadmills can be utilised from very low speeds helping with the disadvantaged or elderly users. The option of multiple installations within one pool facilitates a gym environment. For fitness upright hydrotherapy is a proven method of training whilst being kind on the joints.

WELLBEING Duo and Penta Therapy Pools...

WELLBEING bathing pools are systems with built-in commercial filtration. Produced using clinical grade materials, the pools provide an ideal setting for therapy, relaxation or pure indulgence.

The soothing properties of warm water, allure of underwater lighting and elegant styling combine to promote physiological wellbeing.

WELLBEING pools have seating as well as enough room for users to float! They have massage jets and privacy bubble curtain settings. The pools are floor standing so require no ground work preparation.

Made using medical grade stainless steel and with curved glass sides, the pools offer panoramic viewing, promoting therapeutic rejuvenation.


The WELLBEING POOL - SOLO is available for single user aquatherapy.

This is compact design offers the same high specifications as the larger WELLBEING Pool.

A Solo sized pool might be used to manage the specific therapy needs of a single user.

Where space is limited the WELLBEING POOL - SOLO is ideal. The pool is floor standing so requires no ground work preparation. With less water to heat and manage the pool is an efficient option.

Made using medical grade stainless steel and with curved glass sides, the pools offer panoramic viewing, promoting therapeutic rejuvination.