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LIFESTYLE Hydrotherapy Treadmill

LIFESTYLE is the ultimate aqua therapy product. Utilised all over the world in leading hospitals, therapy centres and sporting institutes, LIFESTYLE is HYDRO PHYSIO’s premium hydrotherapy treadmill. Therapists set water height and temperature, speed of treadmill and resistance jets. The glass sided patient area is entered via the outward opening door. LIFESTYLE treadmills incorporate automatic water treatment, underwater lighting and programmable touch screen controls

FOCUS Hydrotherapy Treadmill

FOCUS is the benchmark for hydrotherapy treadmills. Providing convenient upright hydrotherapy treatment, this functional design has all the features required for cost effective therapy, Therapists control water height, water temperature and speed of treadmill via push button or touchscreen controls. Resistance jets and water treatment are optional extra features. The glass user area is entered via the outward opening door. FOCUS is used throughout the world in hospitals and by physiotherapists.

FUSION Integrated In-Pool Treadmill

FUSION in-pool integrated treadmills are built into new pools. They offer upright aquatic exercise within a new swimming pool or hydrotherapy pool. Easy to install in water depths of 1.2m (48”) - 1.5m (60”) these trainers are valuable additions to pool training environments. Multiple treadmills can be specified and adjustable floor pools can utilise Fusion treadmills.

FUSION Freestanding In-Pool Treadmill

FUSION freestanding pool treadmills can be added to new or existing pools. The addition of a freestanding treadmill dramatically expands the functions of a pool, bringing aqua jogging to the pool environment. Easy to site in water depths of 1.2m (48”) - 1.5m (60”) these treadmills are fantastic for improving fitness, confidence and wellbeing. Multiple treadmills can be placed to create an aqua pool gym.


WELLBEING pools are self contained systems, with seating as well as enough room for users to float! The pools comfortably seat three people and can be specified with underwater lighting, massage jets and privacy bubble curtains. WELLBEING pools are floor standing so require no ground work preparation. Made using medical grade stainless steel and with curved glass sides, the pools offer panoramic viewing, promoting therapeutic rejuvenation. Water temperature can be set for various therapy applications.

Standard size treadmill Canine HYDRO PHYSIO

HYDRO PHYSIO’s Canine underwater treadmill series has been designed with continuous veterinary input. A 'no compromise' approach coupled with many unique features, has made these canine water walkers the market leader and the first choice for veterinary surgeries and rehabilitation facilities world wide. Our standard size treadmill unit is ample in length for most breeds and clinical or exercise situations.

Extended treadmill Canine HYDRO PHYSIO

This option is available when extra space is required, primarily for conditioning and rehabilitating large breeds such as St. Bernards, Newfoundlands and German Shepherds etc.. The HYDRO PHYSIO Extended Treadmill is also the ideal choice if you have a requirement for high speed training with breeds such as greyhounds. Like the standard size treadmill, the extended version has twin outward opening doors. Panoramic viewing of the patient a feature of the canine treadmills.